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Having early stage founder struggles? Call 1-888-890-2656 toll-free to talk about anything — that’s right — anything, with experienced builders and founders who were in your exact shoes just a few years ago.
but why?
Millions of first-time founders often struggle quietly with difficult, vulnerable challenges. Say goodbye to the days of not being able to tap into the vast knowledge and insights out there because you don’t have access to the right people or the network.
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the founder hotline
Simply call us for free on “The Founder Hotline” on Tue and Thu at 11am-12pm EST all through the months of August and September, 2022. This is the place to ask the raw, vulnerable, authentic questions that you would not bring up in a typical AMA.

The calls will be broadcasted LIVE so other listeners can find value in it too. You can call in anonymously or choose to identify yourself.

If you can't wait for the next LIVE broadcast, email us anytime and we will reply promptly.
meet your host
Karthik “KP” Puvvada has built over 15 no-code projects all in public and grew his audience from 414 people to over 30k high-signal followers on Twitter, and is currently the Director of The Build Track at Day One.

He’s Interviewed world-class entrepreneurs like Gary Vee & Alexis Ohanian Sr on his show: Build In Public podcast. KP is also a writer, angel investor, and growth advisor for startups from On Deck and Y Combinator.

KP will answer your questions along with other experts in the entrepreneurship space who’ll guide you towards a confident stage.
what can you ask about?
How do I gain motivation when I'm stuck in a rut?
How could I feel less lonely while working from home?
How do I have difficult conversations about my business with my spouse?
What are some strategies for dealing with constant rejection?
How do I balance my day job while pursuing my company?
How do I get better with my personal finances so I don't starve?
How do I start a new business with no savings/capital?
How do I deal with imposter syndrome?
This initiative is created by Day One.

If you are someone who appreciates these types of vulnerable conversations and if you want to learn how to build tools like this, we invite you to join The Build Track.
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